White Line Disease recovery with FormaHoof

by Cody Andrade, USA

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“Diamond C Farrier Service is a family legacy in equine podiatry Diamond C Farrier Service is passionate about the well-being of horses and providing excellent personal service for those who care for them. We specialize in various hoof problems and lower limb problems, including laminitis and founder, navicular syndrome, white lines disease, under run heels, conformation defects, faults of gait, hoof wall distortions, as well as alleviating pain through therapeutic and corrective hoof care techniques.“

This 16 Year Old AQHA aka Pokey suffered from a severe infection after seven years of managing a chronic condition. The horse grows very little hoof increasing the difficulty of traditional treatment, the infection is present in all four hooves. Owner, vet, and farrier concerned at this stage the coffin capsule is sinking.

White Line Disease Recovery | Diseased Horse Hoof
White Line Disease Recovery | Diseased Horse Hoof

The horse was diagnosed with structural hoof symptoms similar to founder/laminitis, crushed heels, dropped sole, shallow, soft and sensitive to pressure.
Furthermore, a flared, thin, infected outer hoof wall offering little support or protection.

With above diagnosis the horse was introduced to it’s first FormaHoof application and within a few days, the horse resumed a sound and normal life.
The horse was free to roam its pasture even during heavy winter months of rain and mud. No additional treatment of the horse’s hooves have been necessary during the FormaHoof cycle.

Eight weeks later, when the first set of applications have been removed, an amazing progress in hoof recovery, growth and coffin capsule integrity was shown.
The remaining affected hoof tissue was removed and the horse received the second FormaHoof application.

White Line Disease Recovery | Recovered Horse Hoof
White Line Disease Recovery | Horse Hoof

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