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The right FormaHoof size

Getting the correct sized FormaHoof mould is essential for the success of the application. Not will the correct sizing ensure the comfort of your horse, but also the last of the product itself.
Making sure you get the correct measures of your horses hooves to find the right size of FormaHoof mould, we have created measuring instructions with useful information and tips for you.

Step 1:
Clean the hoof and measure either the length or width of the hoof as shown in the diagram to the right. If due to an underlying condition there are significant differences in the length and the width of the horse’s hoof, always take the larger dimension. This also applies, if the measurements of both front or hind feet differ between left and right, the bigger mould will fit both. Consider, that the mesh will add approx. 2 mm depending on the amount of layers used in the application process.
Step 2:
Check the FormaHoof sizing chart and select a size range which fits with your measurement.
Do not include bulbs of the heel in the measurement.
Step 3:
You are ready to order your Formahoof mould.
If you are presented with a special case or injury, or are just unsure of which size to purchase, you can reach one of our FormaHoof experts via email to receive guidance. We strongly recommend that you include photos of your horse’s hooves and the measurements in your emails, so our experts can assist you faster.
Customised FormaHoof moulds
If the size you require isn’t available in our wide range of standard moulds, we can provide special moulds, customised to the needs of your horse. Please contact us for details.

💡FormaHoof FAQ💡⠀
My horse has very narrow front feet, the moulds look very round, will they still fit?⠀

Different breeds of horses have different shaped feet. Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods tend to have a round front hoof shape and a more oval-shaped hind. Quarter Horses and Arabian breeds tend to have a more oval shape, in both front and hind.⠀

Our front and hind FormaHoof moulds have been designed with these variations in mind. If your horse has a narrow, oval-shaped hoof, the hind FormaHoof mould pattern will offer the best fit.⠀

For horses with Club Feet, the hind mould shape works best. However, an additional anchoring method may be required to secure the FormaHoof application. In a well-shaped hoof, FormaHoof is kept in place primarily because of its shape – because the hoof is wider at the bottom than the top, FormaHoof cannot slide off the hoof. However, as the shape of a Club Foot is reversed, we need an additional mechanical anchor to keep the application in place. This can be done using short screw heads screwed into the wall, or additional notches trimmed into the wall to create an anchor for the FormaHoof application to adhere to.⠀

If you would like to verify the best size and mould option with one of our specialists, feel free to contact us at any time with two images of each hoof including a measuring tape as shown in the instructions.⠀