The All-New FormaHoof Academy & FREE Basics Tutorial

FormaHoof launches FREE Basics Tutorial on the All-New FormaHoof Academy


FormaHoof, a world leader in hoof care technology, has recently launched a new online educational program that is free to everyone. ‘FormaHoof Basics’ will give horse owners and professionals alike free access to an in-depth online tutorial that provides everything needed to start a horse on its FormaHoof journey, a journey towards healthier hooves, enhanced comfort and improved soundness, for life.

FREE FormaHoof Basics Tutorial

FormaHoof Basics’ has been developed to support the highly successful ‘FormaHoof Academy’, the online platform launched in early 2021 to give hoof care professionals access to in-depth knowledge, education and training on a wide range of hoof care topics and to help them address the most common hoof-related lameness issues quickly and effectively, from Laminitis, Navicular and White Line Disease to Hoof Cracks, Abscesses & Injuries. Through the FormaHoof Academy professionals can also achieve accreditation as an official FormaHoof Certified Applicator to give customers peace of mind with expert education and approved quality.

The one-hour instructional ‘FormaHoof Basics’ tutorial is free for everyone and will give horse owners and equine professionals the chance to gain insights into the benefits and use of FormaHoof in the most efficient way. In the tutorial you will learn about Hoof Mechanics and Best Practices & Treatment Metrics for a wide range of hoof care challenges. You will also learn about the benefits of FormaHoof, the tools you will need for a successful application and how to apply and remove the application itself, as well as gaining invaluable insights into effective Laminitis rehab with FormaHoof.

The All-New FormaHoof Academy

Whilst we are not a farrier school, we want to provide the best information and learning experience to everyone interested in FormaHoof. 
Providing easy and faster access to our students and everyone interested in FormaHoof is the main goal of splitting the Academy from our main website. In the near future, you can find expert lectures, additional language options and more exciting content in the All-New FormaHoof Academy, make sure you sign up for our Newsletter to stay tuned.