Supporting Laminitis rehabilitation of horses with FormaHoof

One special case, a horse named Biene (meaning bee in German). She is a 25 year old Haflinger mare with big, brown, doey eyes and is a real fighter. Biene transited successfully back to barefoot after a speedy laminitis recovery.

Cotterel Polo Farms – A farm at the cutting edge of polo training

Foot welfare is so important across all equine disciplines, including polo. Polo Times UK caught up with FormaHoof & Cotterel Polo to see how problem feet might be treated.

Treating Navicular Disease with FormaHoof

Navicular disease is one of the most common causes of chronic forelimb lameness. This case study shows options to treat Navicular disease with FormaHoof.
Negative Plantar Angle | Horse Hoof

Negative Plantar Angle (NPA) by Yogi Sharp, UK

Negative Plantar Angle has been linked to many higher pathologies by peer-reviewed studies and has been linked to...

White Line Disease recovery with FormaHoof

White Line Disease recovery progress after the first FormaHoof application...
Laminitis in Stallions | Hoof X-Ray

Laminitis in Stallions by Dr. Bruce Buenger, USA

The next day the horse’s entire attitude changed - no pain, moving better, strutted to the collection phantom and his subsequent collections doubled in output...