Comfort Horses With PPID Or Cushing’s Syndrome & Laminitis

Mounty was first presented at the clinic, x-rays were taken and the pony’s owner, veterinarian, and FCA Aletia Reilingh discussed the option to use FormaHoof as a supportive treatment. Follow his journey.
White Line Disease Hoof Picture Horse Malva

Treating White Line Disease with FormaHoof

Malva is a 17 year old draught mare. Was presented with a laminitis episode and subsequent severe white line disease in late September 2020. Her journey with FormaHoof allowed the transition to barefoot in January 2021.
Free FormaHoof equine podiatry tutorial

The All-New FormaHoof Academy & FREE Basics Tutorial

The All-New FormaHoof Academy Experience & FREE FormaHoof Podiatry Tutorial.
FormaHoof is the most effective solution to a wide range of hoof problems the equine world faces on a daily basis. From laminitis, thin soles and white line disease to conformation, developmental and poor performance issues, FormaHoof offers immediate pain relief whilst giving stability and support to allow the hoof to regenerate, naturally.

My Journey To Become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator and Hoof Care Provider

After battling a lack of professional hoof care services, Desiree and her husband used the lockdown period to expand their skills, become hoof trimmer and complete the FormaHoof certification process.

FormaHoof Academy is Open for Enrolment!

The FormaHoof Academy gives equine professionals the chance to tackle various hoof-related problems and become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator.