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To make your life easy, we have created the FormaHoof Starter Kit. A pre-configured kit that includes all you need for a successful start and several applications.

Your Starter Kit includes:

1 reusable FormaHoof Mould / 1 box of FormaHoof Advanced Polymer (12 tubes) / 1 Antibacterial Spray / 1 pack of Mixing Tips (100 pieces) / 1 Applicator Gun

Starter Kit Prices

EUR 899

Any size. All prices exclude shipping and taxes.

How it works?

Enter your contact details, choose one reusable Mould according to your needs, select a size & shape and our team will send you your personal quote as soon as possible.

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Why FormaHoof?

What makes FormaHoof unique and how horses can benefit from the three-dimensional support.

Our Mould Types

Which reusable FormaHoof Mould is the best choice for your purpose? Barefoot, Performance, or Traction?

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Mould Sizes & Shape

Make sure to measure both feet to select the correct Mould size & shape. REGULAR for symmetric round hooves, SLIMLINE for a narrow foot.


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