FormaHoof Academy Practical Assessment

The FormaHoof practical assessment is the final part of your journey towards becoming an FCA (FormaHoof Certified Applicator). This document will act as an assessment guide to help you provide evidence of a final completed application, to earn your certification.

Before you start:

  • Ensure that you have received your FormaHoof products (minimum of a starter kit and make sure that you have used your promo code to receive your Academy discount).
  • Ensure you have a suitable measuring tool to document the required measurements in this section (we recommend Photo Measures by Cubent, but any suitable tool will do).
  • You may need some assistance for your first applications, so we advise that you have an extra person to assist you.
  • You may practice as long as you wish before submitting an application for review. Once you are comfortable with the process and results, you’re ready for evaluation to become a FormaHoof certified Applicator!
  • Ensure that when you upload files you follow the correct naming process, to avoid any confusion with the examiners.
  • This assessment has 2 sections, both sections must be completed and submitted as per the example images.


Here you can download the practical assessment guide