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FormaHoof HoofRehab and SportHoof Nutritional Equine Supplements

To support our mission to help improve the comfort, performance and welfare of equines worldwide, we are delighted to launch 2 new scientifically formulated hoof supplements – FormaHoof HoofRehab and FormaHoof SportHoof.

These high specification, multi-action supplements provide the key nutrients that promote and support optimum hoof growth, health, and quality. FormaHoof HoofRehab has been scientifically formulated to meet the needs of leisure horses and ponies, whereas FormaHoof SportHoof has been scientifically formulated to meet the needs of harder working performance and sport horses and ponies.

Why Have We Created A Hoof Supplement?

Here at FormaHoof, we want to help you say goodbye to hoof problems and hello to healthier, stronger feet. FormaHoof Applications help to promote recovery from hoof issues, while supporting long-term hoof soundness and health throughout your horse’s life. However, providing the right care and protection for hooves is only half the story. Hoof health also comes from within, and the right nutrition is intrinsically linked to healthier hooves.

FormaHoof HoofRehab and FormaHoof SportHoof are designed to work synergistically and holistically with our FormaHoof Applications, providing a whole horse approach to hoof health and integrity, laying the nutritional foundations for your horse to build a strong, healthy hoof from within.

FormaHoof HoofRehab And FormaHoof SportHoof – The Benefits For Hoof Health

Both FormaHoof HoofRehab and FormaHoof SportHoof Nutritional Supplements provide key nutrients at levels scientifically proven to support and promote hoof growth, health, and quality.


High in hoof-benefitting proteins, vitamins and minerals
Hooves are basically made of protein, specifically Keratin. These 2 new supplements are rich in protein with the inclusion of the key amino acids Lysine and Methionine, both of which are vital for healthy hoof structure and function. The Inclusion of generous levels of essential minerals copper and zinc give your horse the right foundations to build a healthier, stronger hoof. Biotin is proven to improve hoof strength and growth, so we have included this in both supplements at highly optimal rates (40mg and 75mg), to ensure your horse’s hooves get the best nutritional support possible.

High in essential Omega 3 fatty acids
FormaHoof HoofRehab and SportHoof also deliver essential Omega 3 fatty acids which are not only beneficial for hoof structure and integrity, but also help to boost immunity and metabolism. They also have potent anti-inflammatory effects which can be beneficial for conditions such as laminitis and arthritis.

High in antioxidants
Antioxidant support is also included to help combat free radicals which are released as a result of normal body processes and increased exercise. These help to boost immunity and provide protection against disease, helping to support and maintain optimum hoof health, structure, and function.

And more…
Brewer’s yeast containing yea-sacc (saccharomyces cerevisae) is included at scientifically proven levels (15g) in both FormaHoof HoofRehab and FormaHoof SportHoof Nutritional Supplements to stimulate, support and nurture hindgut microbes and help promote a healthy hindgut microbiome, which is vital for optimal hoof health.

FormaHoof HoofRehab and FormaHoof SportHoof Nutritional Supplements also include beneficial rosemary extract and are flavoured with apple for palatability.

Healthy Hooves From The Inside Out.

Your Nutritional Consultant

Lisa Elliott

MSc Equine Science
Qualified in Equine Nutrition

Expert in FormaHoof

Languages: English, French
Horse lover and equine enthusiast, Lisa holds a Masters Degree in Equine Science and is a specialist in Equine Nutrition. She has played a key role in the development of our FormaHoof Nutritional Supplements and is available to discuss your horse’s diet in detail and the influence that diet may be having on their health and performance. Lisa can also provide support with a special diet plan tailored to your horse’s unique needs (additional cost for diet plans may apply).

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