Lennard Taeuber

I‘m 20 years old and have two beautiful jumping horses







Current Horses:

Chira (10 years old) and Ludwigs Girl (12 years old)

Main Accomplishments in your Equestrian Career to Date:

Winning my Second 1,40m Class

My equestrian Idol is Marcus Ehning. He is a superb rider with so much feel for the horse. He has also achieved so much over his career, with many European Championship medals to his name and team Gold from the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

I started riding when I was 7 Years old.

My first pony was called Mickey. He was 13hh and was a Deutsches Reitpony. He had a stubborn personality and did not make things easy for me at first! However, I did my first jumping lessons and shows with him and he taught me a great deal.

I was born into a show jumping family, being a third Generation equestrian. So it was clear that I would later become a showjumper.

My horse of a lifetime is definitely Ludwigs Girl. She is a brave mare with a lot of jump and has taught me how to be competitive at a high level.

For sure is it my win in the 1,40 m Class at the riding club of my home area.

To some day ride in 1,55m classes.

Athletic, relaxed, diligent.

Honestly I have no idea, because riding is my life after work!

I came to FormaHoof through my Farrier Aletia. Chira has very poor hoof quality and we were really struggling with her feet. Aletia said to me that there is another way to improve the quality of her hooves and showed me FormaHoof. It definitely looked like it would be worth a try with her and we are delighted with the results so far.