Laminitis in Stallions

by Dr. Bruce Buenger, USA

Dr. Bruce Buenger (DMV)
Washington Animal Clinic
2100 Hwy 36 N
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“I am a TAMU 1982 graduate, practicing at Washington Animal Clinic since 1984 and co-owner since 1999 in the 5 veterinarian mixed practice. I devote my time to equine practice.  A large part of that time is dedicated to lameness. I have always believed that a horse’s soundness starts with the foot. Practicing at Washington Animal Clinic since 1984, I am a co-owner since 1999 in the 5 veterinarian mixed practice.“

Rooster is a 15 yo Andalusian stallion that was sent to the clinic for semen collection and freezing.
His owner was not expecting to have him for long, due to his chronic lameness and foot issues. After 2 weeks of seeing him struggle, I was given permission to radiograph and consider options. Rooster was able to collect and his semen quality allowed 4-5 breeding doses per collection.  However, Rooster struggled in walking from the barn to the collection area.
Rooster’s owner agreed to having FormaHoof applied to his front feet. The next day the horse’s entire attitude changed – no pain, moving better, strutted to the collection phantom and his subsequent collections doubled in output!
Rooster was shipped home some 350 miles away and is being followed up with another veterinarian using FormaHoof. He is doing great and the owner has called to say thank you for giving my horse back.

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