Laminitis In Horses

Discover how FormaHoof offers a highly effective, supportive treatment process for horses with laminitis

As well as causing the horse extreme pain and difficulty in movement, Laminitis is also notoriously difficult to treat. Cooperation between your veterinarian and the farrier is essential as an acute laminitis attack can lead to founder and long-term structural changes in the foot and techniques such as corrective trimming, frog supports and therapeutic shoes or pads may be recommended. 


However, a huge challenge when undertaking remedial shoeing for a horse with laminitis or founder is the fact that the horse’s damaged hoof structure often cannot take a nailed-on shoe. Custom solutions take considerable time and resources and as time is of the essence when dealing with Laminitis cases, the ability to quickly apply FormaHoof and provide immediate protection and relief can mean the difference between recovery or disaster. 


FormaHoof is uniquely suited to treating Laminitis as it encapsulates the damaged hoof, protecting and supporting the sensitive internal structures. This prevents further deterioration whilst also immediately reducing pain and improving the horse’s ability to move. The resulting comfort also reduces overall stress levels in the horse, leading to a faster recovery as horses can return to a regular routine. 


The FormaHoof application process is designed to be easy and repeatable, meaning that horse owners can expect a consistent result, even if the applicator changes during the treatment.

Key benefits of FormaHoof in treating laminitis:

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What is laminitis?

Laminitis is one of the most common hoof related problems that owners face and is the second leading cause of death of horses worldwide, second only to colic. 


Laminitis is often also referred to as founder. However, founder is the actual physical change that occurs within the hoof as a result of laminitis and so is the chronic (long-term) condition associated with rotation of the coffin bone. Laminitis refers to symptoms associated with a sudden initial attack, including pain and inflammation of the laminae. Fortunately, FormaHoof can help with both. 

What causes laminitis?

The development of laminitis and ultimately founder can be as a result of a variety of factors, sometimes working on their own and sometimes in combination with each other. However, most cases of laminitis are a clinical sign of disease elsewhere – either severe systemic inflammatory disease or a metabolic condition.


There are 3 main causes of laminitis:  Overload, Inflammatory and Metabolic.

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