Laminitis Case Study

by Jackie Bowler, USA

Jackie Bowler
JB Hoof Care
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Jackie Bowler is a certified barefoot trimmer through Ida Hammer’s Applied Whole Horse Hoof Care Program and has gone succeeded in completing her FormaHoof Applicator training with Dr. Debra Taylor in Alabama/USA. Her own trimming company is servicing Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin
Read more about Jackie and how she started providing FormaHoof services in our testimonial section.

I first met Alaska in November of 2019 when her owner Rachel Kane, D.V.M. reached out with interest in trying FormaHoof. Alaska has suffered from laminitis for quite some time and her initial radiographs showed a long toe, rotation, gas tracks within the lamina, and loss of sole depth. She was in Soft Ride boots for hoof protection at the time and while they are a great product, she was still very uncomfortable in them despite being on medications for pain and inflammation management. We initially applied an Easycare Performance glue on shoe with soft dental impression packing and casting material over the shoe while an appropriate sized Formahoof mould was ordered. Although the performance shoes did lend some comfort, Alaska was still uncomfortable and unable to go outside very much.

By February we were able to apply the first set of FormaHoof Performance moulds. Instantly Alaska was very comfortable and confident in her stride. Dr. Kane was able to document progress with radiographs every step of the way and the improvements with FormaHoof are evident.

We were able to see a notable increase in sole depth, no further gas tracks within the lamina, a better hoof to pastern angle, and a better break over. Dr. Kane was able to decrease the amount of pain medication since Alaska has been in FormaHoof and she has since foaled a healthy baby that she is able to go out and move around with. I couldn’t be happier with the amount of progress in such a short amount of time.

laska before her FormaHoof application

laska before her FormaHoof application

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