How much does a FormaHoof Application cost?

At FormaHoof, we care for our customers and their horses. We want you to understand the pricing of our product and think beyond the price tag. With the info given below, we want to share an insight in the mould cost. However, FormaHoof doesn’t regulate the prices a farrier, equine podiatrist or vet charges for the application. Service charges vary by region and therefore, we think it wouldn’t be right to set a price for the professional work to prepare the hoof and apply FormaHoof on a horse for everyone around the globe.

How much does a FormaHoof Application cost is quite a difficult question to answer as FormaHoof can be used for such a wide range of podiatry issues in horses, from major restructuring of the hoof capsule after surgery to simple balance adjustments to enhance performance. And consequently, the amount of FormaHoof AP that will be used in an application will vary considerably.
As a FormaHoof mould can be used 50 to 100 times if cared for properly, the per-use cost of a mould is around just €3-5*.

FormaHoof Barefoot Mould Application
FormaHoof Traction Hind Mould | Traction Application

A certified FormaHoof applicator will be able to achieve a good application with approximately 3 tubes of FormaHoof AP per pair of feet, for a cost below €50* per hoof, including mixing tips (based on mould size 4-4.5).
Consequently, the FormaHoof materials cost per hoof for a normal sized application can be as low as €55* per hoof.

Hooves in different sizes require different amounts of material, which will result in lower or higher quantities of FormaHoof AP. Furthermore, where the hoof has structural abnormalities that require larger quantities of FormaHoof AP, the per application cost will obviously increase. However, the vastly reduced rehabilitation costs and time and the fact that a lame horse can come sound and return to work far quicker with FormaHoof means that FormaHoof offers exceptional value for money.

FormaHoof Traction Hind Mould | Performance Application

Talking about pricing, we would like to make you aware, all our moulds are produced in the European Union and run through an in-depth manual quality check, before being shipped out to you and the world.
We stand behind our products and want to ensure you only get best quality hoof care products delivered. We also stand behind our customers with exceptional customer service and care, if you have questions regarding our products or shop please contact via the contact form.

*Prices are based on pure product cost, no VAT, shipping and local service charges for hoof trimming and application excluded.