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FormaHoof demo event dates across the world

FormaHoof live demo events to take place in various locations around the world.

We are extremely happy to see so many horse owners, vets and farriers around the world collaborating whilst using FormaHoof.
Like in anything else, good team work is the key to success. Improving horses’ well-being is one of the main goals here at FormaHoof and the simple circle of trust for any horse owner includes their trainer, vet and farrier.
Seeing everyone supporting each other and collaborating is a great gift, which we hope to encourage also in the future.
Due to current safety measures and travel restrictions around the world we, as FormaHoof Ltd, have limited possibilities for live events which makes us even more proud to see FormaHoof Applicators organising local demo events themselves.
With a series of live events in various countries, we are happy that we gained trust of many of you and see the word being spread even further.
Stay tuned for all upcoming events and our webinar series, contacts and event details can be found in the event section of our page.
Remember to check out all event details via our Facebook event pages
All future events are held according to regional restrictions which will be communicated by the main host according to current regulations in the hosting country or state at their location.
To all our valued Applicators out there, if you are planning to host a FormaHoof demo event in your facility, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you where we can.

October 25th & 26th – Las Vegas/NV (USA)

Start time: TBC

Live demo with Joel Brown (JC Shoeing) and Ingrid Truman. The number of participants is kept small to be aligned with the current COVID situation and regulations.

The event is currently fully booked, but you can sign up for the waiting list via the contact form below.

About Ingrid:
“My father bred and raced thoroughbreds and I would always get the ones that didn’t do very well at the track. Racehorses are synonymous with “bad feet” because of how they tend to be trimmed and shod at the track: long toes and under run heels.
It wasn’t rocket science to look at their feet and know why they didn’t do well. Now, that I am more into the sport horse side of things with my saddle fitting business. I’ve seen a lot of similar issues in feet, for all sorts of reasons. Being a saddle fitter for three years, it’s been fascinating to see the connection between feet and posture, and really, the connection to the overall well-being of the entire horse. I’m so excited to have Joel out to do a demo event to showcase the new technologies of FormaHoof and have more professionals adding it to their portfolio to help more horses to getting back on track.”

Ingrid is a qualified saddle fitter and has trained via various stages, such as the equine body work course from Equinology Inc., Equipe USA, Amérigo saddles USA and Butet France trainings.
For further information please contact her via email.

About Joel:
From a horseman background, my approach to farrier science is based on a holistic viewpoint addressing the anatomy, physiology, and bio-mechanics to enhance comfort and balance, across all equine types and disciplines. In totality, the hoof is the foundation the horse stands on. FormaHoof is providing a progressive modality enabling these goals, while providing the horse a voice in the conversation; towards an enhanced and productive life. While also benefiting the relationship for the horse and owner, happy horses make for a happy life.

Joel is providing FormaHoof services in his home base around Wyoming, Colorado, Southwestern South Dakota, Western Nebraska and beyond.
For further information and appointments please contact him on 307-477-1177


16. Oktober 2020 – October 16th


Start: 17.00 Gruppe 1 – 18.00 Gruppe 2

Erlebe FormaHoof in einem informativen Abend mit Aletia Reilingh.

Aletia ist staatlich geprüfte Hufschmiedin und FormaHoof zertifizierte Applikatorin und bietet einen FormaHoof Informationsabend in Ihrer Schmiedewerkstatt in Marbeck für Pferdebesitzer, Hufschmiede und Tierärzte an.

Die Interessenten werden in zwei Gruppen aufgeteilt um genügend Abstand während der einstündige Präsentation und FormaHoof live Applikation einzuhalten.Getränke und Snacks stehen vor Ort bereit.

Wir bitten alle Teilnehmer einen eigenen Mund- und Nasenschutz mitzubringen und diesen während der Veranstaltung zu tragen.

Anmeldungen und mehr Information gibt es bei Aletia unter  01515 – 2476481 

October 16th


Starting time: 17.00 Group 1 – 18.00 Group 2

A Canadian by birth, Aletia made the move to Europe in 2014, nowadays she is providing excellent approved farrier services including FormaHoof applications whilst being based in Borken/NRW and servicing several areas in the Northwest of Germany and parts of the Netherlands.

The demo event will take place in Aletias home farriery and will be split into 2 groups to ensure social distancing. Snacks and drinks will be provided during the one hour presentation and FormaHoof live demo. A face mask is required for all participants, please make sure to bring your own.

To book your space for the demo event and get further information please call Aletia on +491515 – 2476481


October 10th & 11th

Start time: TBC
Hello Aiken horse community! (And in the future Colorado horse community too, think next summer 😁)
October 10th and 11th The Perfect Fit Saddlery will be teaming up with JC shoeing from Wyoming for the amazing opportunity to learn about FormaHoof right here in South Carolina. Certified FormaHoof applicator, Joel, will be coming to Aiken to apply FH on two of my horses. FormaHoof mimics building the “perfect hoof” on your horses existing “non-perfect hoof.”
Uses of FH include
– helping horses transition to barefoot
– corrective balancing due to conformational issues, palmar angle realignment
– treatment for navicular and laminitis
– treatment for thrush, white line, abscess, cracks
We are considering having a private demonstration by RSVP for farriers, trimmers, and riders who are interested to hear more about FormaHoof, how it can help your horses, and see it in action. He will also have a couple spots for the opportunity to apply FormaHoof on your horse.
Please get in touch with McKinley from The Perfect Fit Saddlery over private message to inquire about the product, to get in touch with Joel about how FH can help your horse, or to RSVP to the demonstration.
This event is held by The Perfect Fit Saddlery, who is responsible for all organisation, safety measures and COVID protocols.
Register now & experience Next Generation Hoof Care.
Spaces are limited and we would ask all participants to secure their space via the registration on below link:

October 3rd


Start time: TBC

Country Hotel Mandra Edera is organising a farrier workshop together with FormaHoof applicator Lucie Škábová and veterinarian Dr. Paola Musio.
Program includes:
1) Shoeing of Endurance horses
2) FormaHoof product information
3) FormaHoof live demo – How to apply
3) Benefits for horses from FormaHoof
4) Diagnosis of horse movement
Please note, all participants need to register for the event.
For further information incl. the exact timetable and registration please call Paola +39 328 9099094
This event is held by Country Hotel Mandra Edera, who is responsible for all organisation, safety measures and covid protocols.
Register now & experience Next Generation Hoof Care.

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