Hoefspecialist Klaas Feuth - Klaas Feuth FCA

De Steeg 6, KH Reek, 5375, The Netherlands
Detailed Information

Hoofspecialsit Klaas Feuth lives in the Netherlands and runs a hoof rehab center. Horses with different hoof problems come over for consult or for a complete rehabilitation traject. Hoefspecialist Klaas Feuth loves to work with foals so he is also specialized in corrections.

He is the face behind HoofWear.com the online hoof boot store in the Netherlands. Hoofwear is not only selling to horse owners, but also to farriers and a growing number of vets.
Hoofspecialist Klaas Feuth is also one of the 2 founders of a hoofspecialist school.

Hoofspecialist Klaas Feuth has started a cooperation with FormaHoof to use FormaHoof in his daily practice, help more horses and foals and teach students how to successfully use FormaHoof.