Dilara Pars

My name is Dilara Pars. I am 32 years old and I live in Istanbul Turkey.


I studied Business and Management in Exeter in the UK and then moved to London to do my postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics. After graduating, I came back to Istanbul and started working. However, I realised I wanted to combine my professional life with Equestrian life and therefore studied Animal Physiotherapy, again in the UK. Since then, I have been practicing this profession in Turkey, where I am very happy to be the first person to do this job here.


I have tried several sports (basketball, tennis, rowing), but once I was introduced to horses, I became addicted. I have been riding horses for 19 years now and have been competing in show jumping classes for 16 years.


Equine Physiotherapist





Current Horses:

Nibbit, Caloma, Hedartier, Cassal

Main Accomplishments in your Equestrian Career to Date:

  • Regional Champion in the Women’s Class 2019
  • CSI – YH1* Final – 2nd placing in Istanbul
  • Individual and Team Champion at the Balkan Equestrian Games
  • Many other placings at the Balkan Equestrian Games, both individual and team
  • Part of the National Team in various categories ( JR, YR, SEN)
  • Several wins and placings in various countries outside Turkey (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece)
  • 2008 Beijing Torch Bearer representing Equestrian Sports in Turkey

Marcus Ehning

When I was 13 years old.

My first horse was called Elanda. She was a tough and stubborn horse who taught me to never give up and to overcome the disappointments. I did not compete with her much, but she taught me some good lessons.

There were not many options to choose from to be honest! I was directed to this discipline and I love it.

Caloma has a special place and will always have :)

It was in 2005, at the Regional Balkan Championships. I was on the National Team in the Junior Category.

Although becoming Balkan Champion should be my answer to this, I believe that my recent climb up the ladder into the bigger classes (145cm), successfully and with confidence is my biggest and ongoing achievement :)

With self-confidence and hard work, I would like to climb up to the higher classes. More precisely, when I watch my videos after my classes, I would like to be happy and content with myself and with my horses, from start to finish.

Passionate, Hard Working, Ambitious

I seriously think about this sometimes and I have absolutely no clue :) I probably would be doing Physiotherapy, and still be around the horses.

One of my horses has different angled hooves, which resulted in serious cracks and at times we couldn't find a place to put the shoe nail in. My trainer and I decided to do some research and came across the FormaHoof videos on YouTube. We immediately gave it a go. Even after the first application, the way my horse moves has dramatically changed. He was much more balanced and free in his shoulders. Furthermore, after a few applications, there were no more cracks, only healthy growing hooves.