FormaHoof vs Hoof boots vs traditional horseshoeing – pro’s and con’s

Embracing new technology isn’t easy. And in an industry like ours where tradition, experience and ‘feel’ have such a huge role to play in horse care and management, it can be all too easy to stay doing what has ‘always been done’, simply because that’s what we know and understand.
Celebrate ‘National Farriers Week’ with FormaHoof - special Hoof Care for horses with laminitis, white line disease, navicular disease, lameness and many other hoof related pathologies.

Celebrate National Farriers Week with FormaHoof

Celebrate ‘National Farriers Week’ with us and say a big THANK YOU to your farrier! To offer our thanks, we are extending the FormaHoof Summer Sale and giving away FREE FCA courses…ALL WEEK LONG!
Hot, dry weather and the resulting hard ground can inflict quite a lot of damage on your horse’s feet and cause many horse hoof problems. Avoid brittle hooves withFormaHoof Summer Hoof Health.

Summer Hoof Care For Horses

Latest tips and tricks to keep your horses hooves healthy over the summer month from the FormaHoof Expert team, farriers and FCA’s Aletia Reilingh, Bart Lambert and nutritional Expert Lisa Elliott.
FormaHoof supportive treatment for Laminittis n Horses

Using FormaHoof as a supportive treatment for horses with laminitis

Alaska instantly was very comfortable and confident in her stride when we applied the first FormaHoof during her laminitis rehab.

Nutrition For Healthy Hooves

We would like to introduce you to our two new scientifically formulated equine hoof supplements – FormaHoof HoofRehab and FormaHoof SportHoof.

The essential role of the blacksmith

Farrier & FormaHoof Certified Applicator Bart Lambert was interviewed by Ekico about the essential role of a blacksmith, described the severe laminitis case of Biola, a Spanish mare.

Giving Back For Good! FormaHoof Mould Replace & Donate Program

Giving Back For Good! FormaHoof Mould Replace & Donate Program - Send back your old FormaHoof Moulds to help horses and ponies in need and get two for one in return!
FormaHoof Official Hoof Health Partner of the Polo Rider Cup

FormaHoof Becomes Official Hoof Health Partner of The POLO RIDER CUP​

FormaHoof Becomes Official Hoof Health Partner of The POLO RIDER CUP​: The ultimate polo club competition at the international level.
FormaHoof is the most effective solution to a wide range of hoof problems the equine world faces on a daily basis. From laminitis, thin soles and white line disease to conformation, developmental and poor performance issues, FormaHoof offers immediate pain relief whilst giving stability and support to allow the hoof to regenerate, naturally.

My Journey To Become a FormaHoof Certified Applicator and Hoof Care Provider

After battling a lack of professional hoof care services, Desiree and her husband used the lockdown period to expand their skills, become hoof trimmer and complete the FormaHoof certification process.
Why non-approved FormaHoof products should be avoided, for the sake of your horse and the sake of your pocket in the long-term.

Why non-approved products should be avoided when aiming for FormaHoof applications, for your horse’s sake.

The writing of this article has been prompted by the observed rise in damage suffered by FormaHoof customers and horse owners as a result of the use of non-approved 3rd party products to perform FormaHoof applications.