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Full education and certification for professionals and security and peace of mind for horse owners

Created by FormaHoof’s team of equine podiatry experts, the FormaHoof Academy gives farriers, vets and equine practitioners all the theoretical knowledge and practical insights needed to use FormaHoof to help their clients’ horses overcome a multitude of hoof related issues. From laminitis and white line disease, to thin soles, collapsed heels or conformation, developmental and poor performance issues, with FormaHoof one tool offers many solutions.


By adding FormaHoof consultancy and application proficiency to your skillset, you will have a tool that is trialled, tested and trusted and will open a new world of treatment and shoeing possibilities.


The FormaHoof Academy has been filmed in real time on actual customer horses, to ensure that the experience is as authentic as possible. Covering the basics of a FormaHoof application from start to finish (including trimming techniques), the Academy also integrates several case studies for specialty treatment (e.g. Laminitis and White Line Disease). Techniques for business development and customer acquisition are also addressed in the Academy program.


General access is granted to anyone interested, whilst the certification for FormaHoof certified Applicators can only be completed with proof of business by a professional (farriers, vets, equine podiatrists).


The cost of purchasing a Starter Kit (or any initial quantity of moulds) is not included in the Academy fee. However, upon successful registration to the course, participants shall receive a discount code for their first purchase.

Your journey starts here. Sign up today to gain FormaHoof expertise and get certified.

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