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Innovation has been key to a better life not just for human beings but also our much-loved animals. At FormaHoof™, our cutting-edge technologies provide the most advanced hoof care. Laminitis has affected horses since a time long before domestication, and continues to affect both wild and domesticated horses. Other hooved animals, including cattle are also facing these issues. Although acting quickly and using the combined skills of a vet, farrier and nutritionist lays the foundation for the most successful recoveries, read on to understand how our innovative podiatry systems can help cure laminitis in horses and dairy cows.

The FormaHoof system has been adapted for specific uses on horses depending on the problem the horse is facing.
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FormaHoof enhances race horse performance and well-being with its advanced equine podiatry systems

World champion trainer Mike de Kock and his team, discuss how using FormaHoof can enhance race horse performance and well-being with its advanced equine podiatry systems. Mike focuses on podiatry welfare as an integral part of his training regime, and discusses how FormaHoof can help the equine athletes under his care.


Godolphin Flying Start
Godolphin Flying Start programme trainees visit FormaHoof

Trainees from the Godolphin Flying Start programme visited the D2M Solutions FZE office in Dubai  to learn more about FormaHoof’s Equimold solution – the Laminitis treatment for horses

Godolphin Flying Start

Robert Stevenson & Alexander Papantoniou welcome the trainees of Godolphin Flying Start programme



Alexander Papantoniou, Managing Director – D2M Solutions FZE explaining the various solutions offered by D2M Solutions FZE – Design to Manufacturing Solutions


Alasdair Chadwick rolling up his sleeves to show the trainees how quickly he can 3D scan a horse’s foot



Robert is actually holding a horse’s foot and talking about how the horse can get affected by laminitis and how the innovative equimold from FormaHoof can help the horse recover sooner


Robert showing the silicon mold – Equimold from FormaHoof for horses suffering from Laminitis which can be customized according to the horse’s foot and needs for recuperation


The trainees get to view the D2M Solutions FZE – Design to Manufacturing Solutions warehouse and the Industrial grade 3D printers. Avin Quadros, Pre-sales engineer at D2M Solutions FZE explaining about FDM technology (Fortus 400 mc 3D Printer from Stratasys)

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March 9th-11th

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September 12th-15th

BEVA Conference

December 1st-5th

AAEP 64th Annual Convention
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